Enablinx Corporation ("ENB") is a comprehensive technology products and services provider offering our customers leading edge systems built upon a commuications switching platform desiged specifically for the needs of real-time or near real time data acquisition and maintenance applications.  Our unique platform can be adapted to the needs of any industry to provide end to end communications betwen multiple client devices (Phone, Tablet, PC/Mac) and either data residing in traditional database systems or coming from a variety of IoT enabled field sensors which can provide both real-time telemetry as well as FPV quality video/audio feeds. 

Industry Tailored Solutions

Our core communications switching platform can provide the basis for rapid prototyping and implememntation of even the most complex data acquisition and management system requirements.  We are curently proud to offer a number of comprehensive data acquisition and management systems designed to meet the needs of specific industries including:

  • Civilian/Commercial Aviation Flight Safety Protection (more)
  • Nuclear Power Radiation Protection (more)
  • Ground/Sea Transportation Safety Protection (more)

Among a number of powerful features, our core communications switching platform offers a rich interface layer which allows the platform to seamlessly integrate with existing database, storage/retrieval or telemetry systems.  To learn more about our current product offerings please see the Technology page.

Custom Sensor Design

Enablinx Corporation employs Rapid Sensor Prototyping ("RSP") techniques utilizing COTS components and 3D printing tedchnology to offer our customers quick and efficient fulfillment of custom sensor requirements. 

At the heart of our network is our unique IoT patterened iBotSense Field Node (iFN).  Each field node is a compact communications device which utilizes sophisticated detector sensors and software to sound the alarm when any programmed threshold is exceeded.  Each field node is equipped with our multi-mode communications engine which is capable of automatically selecting the best available connection from among a a varitey of sources including:

  • Satellite Messaging
  • Wifi Networking
  • GPRS Cell Networking

Multi-Mode communications also means our customers can remotely contact any field node within their secure monitoring universe, no matter whether it is on land, sea or air at any time of the day or night.  To learn more about our iBotSense Field Nodes as well as our cloud based monitoring network, please see the Technology page.

Custom Services

For customers wishing a completely customized Sensor/Monitoring solution, Condor Safety Systems can provide complete hardware and software design, development and implementation services including:

  • Custom iBotSense enabled hardware design, prototyping and manufacturing services
  • iBotSense compatible monitoring software design, development and implementation services
  • Personal Device monitoring solutions hardware and software consulting services

The use of iBotSense Technology to meet you monitoring requirements is only limited by your imagination. For more information on how you can put our innovation IoT iBotSense Technology to work for you or your organization contact Enablinx Corporation today!

New Product Announcement!

Enablinx Corporation is proud to announce the release of ATOMS, the Atomic Tracking, Organizing & Monitoring System, a fully NRC compliant tool for nuclear power plant radiation safety monitoring, reporting and document storage.

Introducing ATOMS, the most advanced system for radiation protection on the market today.
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ATOMS Specifications

Developed with the latest in software techniology, and avaiable for both the PC and Mac, ATOMS is a modular system provides unpoarralleled access to stored and real-time data on plant radiation levels.   Further specifications are provided below:

Nuclear Radiation Protection designed by experts in the field, fully NRC compliant.
  • N-Tiered Client/Server Design
  • Multi-Vendor SQL Support
  • Written in C# .Net
  • Developer accessible C# API
  • Multi-Telemetry Feed Support
  • Multi-Archive System Support
  • Fully Customizable UI Layout
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