Tailored Industry Solutions
Graphical Condor software makes systemwide setup a snap!

Starting with our innovative IoT based iBotSense Field Node technology, customers can individually tailor a world-wide transit protection solution to meet their needs by choosing from a wide variety of available solid-state sensors. Currently we offer solutions tailored to track almost anything that moves including:

  • Civilian/Commercial Aircraft
  • Trucks/Trailers/Livestock Transport
  • Transport Vessels/Shipping Containers
  • Utility Vehicles/Warehouse Transport
  • Loved Ones, pets, show animals, racehorses, etc

iBotSense Field Nodes can be deployed fleetwide or on a single shipment basis,  and can be accessed through any authorized device.  To learn more about our iBotSense Field Nodes please see the Technology page. 

Condor Communications Network

Any iFN unit worldwide can be accessed through our Condor Communications Network (CCN).  This secure, cloud based resource provides an always-on relay point between all Condor iFN field units and our customers.  CCN supports a number of access points including:

  • Condor Connector - provides gateway access for third party systems
  • Condor Concentrator - provides fleet level management at trasport hubs
  • CondorLinx - provides secure gateway access for mobile devices.

Data received through the CCN can either be stored in our cloud or directly relayed to mobile devices or customer systems.  We provide a full line of desktop, web or mobile applications to control iFN field units and analyize the results.  Our experts are always standing by to provide assistance.

Condor Application Suite

To provide access to Condor iFN Field Nodes we have developed a host of applications for setting up, accessing and managing individual units and client accounts.  All applications feature secure user access and communications Specific applications include:

  • Laptop & mobile iFN Unit setup applications
  • Web and Mobile applications for Alarm Notification and review
  • Web and Mobile applications for Account Management & reporting

The Condor application Suite is available for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. Where applicable, an end-user accessible plug-in foundation is provided for customer customization.  For more information about the Condor Application Suite contact us today!

New Product Announcement!

Enablinx Safety Systems is proud to announce the release of Condor FSM (Flight Safety Monitor), which is designed to fill a critical gap in both air transportation safety and post disaster analysis.

Introducing Condor FSM (Flight Safety Monitor), a revolution in air safety.
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Condor FSM Features

Condor FSM (Flight Safety Monitor) is the first of its kind, IoT enabled system for monitoring the safety of aircraft in flight.   Further details are provided below:

A380 Airbus in flight
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Fully Self Contained
  • Tamper Proof
  • Fully Solid State
  • Low-Cost
  • Remote Configuration
  • No Maintenance
  • Self-Diagnosing
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Condor iFN Node Specs

Each Condor iFN unit is virtually tamperproof and can be mounted in any secure location within the body of a vehicle.  Further specifications are provided below:

Basic Condor iFN Node, outside and in
  • Processor - Arm7
  • GNSS Receiver-UBLOX
  • Dual IMUs - MPU9250 9DOF/LSM9DS1 9DOF
  • Barometer - MS5611
  • Satellite Modem - RockBlock Mk2
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