ATOMS, the Atomic Tracking, Organizing & Monitoring System is a fully NRC compliant tool for nuclear power plant radiation safety monitoring, reporting and document storage.  Developed with the latest in software techniology, and avaiable for both the PC and Mac, ATOMS is a modular system that not only allows our customers to implement just the features they need, but provides interface to a wide variety of radiation sensor data as well as storage and retrieval archiving systems.

Modular System Technology

Much like the Microsoft Management Console, ATOMS is a single signon, single point of access portal providing layered security access to a suite of applications designed for the needs of the Nuclear Power Industry.  Available for the PC and Mac, the ATOMS system has been designed to comply with all NRC storage and reporting requirements as well as interface with almost any form of remote sensor and telemetry data.  The ATOMS moduler system includes:

  • RPM - Create and process plant site surveys and personal contamination event reports with advanced graphical editing tools.
  • Air Sample - Graphically create Air Sampling Jobs, and monitor the results.
  • Status Board  - Design and view real-time status board displays and other telemetry driven tools.

In addition to allowing for scaled deployments, the ATOMS system features moduler interface drivers for a variety of data hardware/software feeds and document storage and archival systems. 

Intuative System Design

From the ground up, the ATOMS system has been designed by experts in in the fields of radiation protection monitoring and reporting.   The multiple document interface design provides a fully customizable user experience that makes for quick and accurate information entry during pyhsical plant surveys.  Integrated workflow processing allows for quick and efficient processing and archiving of surveys.  Asynchronous message handling allows the for a responsive UI that fully integrates with real-time sensor data.  Other features of the ATOMS client software include:

  • Native .Net Annotation editor for more accurate and easy to build surveys.
  • Multi-threaded design for a more responsive user experience
  • Graphical Status Board Builder and Viewer Tools
  • Bi-Directional Client/Server communications for real-time data display and update.
  • Modular Design with fully integrated Windows Domain Security.

In addition to user configurable options, the ATOMS system provides an easily accessible developer API for further customization of workflow and job processing functions.

Support Services

For customers wishing a completely customized Radiation Protection/Monitoring solution, Enablinx Corporation can provide complete hardware and software design, development and implementation and support services including:

  • Remote or on-site expert ATOMS software support on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Custom feature software design, development and implementation services.
  • Personal Device monitoring solutions hardware and software consulting services.

The use of ATOMS modular technology to meet you monitoring requirements is only limited by your imagination. For more information on how you can put our innovation ATOMS system to work at your plant contact Enablinx Corporation today!

ATOMS Specifications

Developed with the latest in software techniology, and avaiable for both the PC and Mac, ATOMS is a modular system provides unpoarralleled access to stored and real-time data on plant radiation levels.   Further specifications are provided below:

Nuclear Radiation Protection designed by experts in the field, fully NRC compliant.
  • N-Tiered Client/Server Design
  • Multi-Vendor SQL Support
  • Written in C# .Net
  • Developer accessible C# API
  • Multi-Telemetry Feed Support
  • Multi-Archive System Support
  • Fully Customizable UI Layout
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